Aviso: Email para estafar a los fans de MJ.

Parece que está circulando un email que pide a los fans dinero para un proyecto que consiste en poner una estatua de oro en la tumba de Michael Jackson y de esta forma honorarle. Un proyecto que supuestamente cuesta 85 millones de libras. Mjworld.net se ha puesto en contacto con la oficina de Mr.Branca y confirma que esto no es legítimo y por tanto que no se envíe dinero.

Aquí el comunicado de mjworld:

“We have just been made aware of the below email which is currently in circulation. On checking with Mr Branca’s office, we can confirm that this is not legitimate and therefore please do not send any money to the address.”

Y este es el email que circula por ahí.

“From: info@motownrecord.com
Reply-to: johnbrancamjf@yahoo.co.th
Sent: 9/3/2009 12:29:31 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Michael Jackson Fans
Hello Wonderful fans of Michael Jackson,
We have lost an icon and a legend, it came as a shock to us all
who love and appreciated his contribution. We all have been on a
sober mood since this incidence happen, but is not enough we must show to the world that we truly love and care for him and how strong and united we are even at this moment of grief.
The Michael Jackson Foundation for world peace united Kingdom in
conjunction with Motown records are organizing a fund raising in
honour of MJ to donate a STATUE of Michael Jackson caste in GOLD that will be erected in his grave yard as a mark of our true
love, respect and honour.
Please your donations is highly needed to make this a reality.The project is estimated at Eighty-five million pounds £ 85,000,000:00 GP. Please when sending your donation, include your passport photography and your full contact address so that your passport photography can be added in the unto-biography of Michael Jackson to him entitled times and life of Michael Jackson, this however will be sent to you with a CD when this project is completed.
Please note that all donations are to be send to the
Coordinator (Mr. John Branca’s ) of Michael Jackson Foundation
for world peace united Kingdom through western union money
transfer. We can not do this without your contribution. Thank
you so much and God bless you all.
Send your donations to the information details below
Name: Mr. John Branca
Address: 12 Quay Street, Manchester, England
Email: michealjacksonfoundation@yahoo.co.th
Best regards
Mr. Franklin”



~ por elblogquetemereces09 en septiembre 7, 2009.


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